Blog 7

Investigation of Topics

I am a huge fan of sports and athletic competition. I find that I am drawn to many sports at several different levels. Of all sports, I get the most enjoyment out of college football. The level and ability of the teams are not important to me, as long is the game is exciting. With the new college football playoff, winning games against quality opponents is one of the most important aspects of criteria. But, sometimes the nation’s greatest current college football players are nowhere to be found in the big games.

A prime example of this season is running back Todd Gurley, from the University of Georgia. Gurley was suspended from four of the Bulldogs SEC games. The SEC is the power house conference in college football, and without its brightest stars, the games tend to lose their intrigue. Gurley was projected to be a finalist for the Heisman trophy, college football’s MVP award, and every play he was on the field was an action packed adrenaline rush, where anything could happen. But, Georgia had to do without Gurley for four games due to his recent suspension. What could this great athlete have done to hurt his team and his own personal image in such a way? Possibly violating the NCAA’s substance abuse policy like Tyrann Mathieu, who was forced to leave college football entirely and now starts for the Arizona Cardinals? Nope. Or maybe allegations of sexual assault and rape had surfaced like Florida State’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston. Wrong again. Todd Gurley was suspended for receiving money for signing autographs. Under NCAA rules, college athletes are prohibited from receiving money for their own namesake. This is a rule that is outdated and completely unreasonable, as well as causing college football to miss its biggest stars.


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