Blog 6

Columbus Day Arguement

I found that the most effective argument for me was the one made by This particular argument was very informative with many hard facts, but presented them in a way that was easy to see and relate to. First, this argument addressed what everyone believed about Columbus and the common misconceptions that people naively follow without doing any research. The layout itself was easy to understand, and it would keep people reading, when they might have stopped after reading a more academic and traditional argument. The graphics used in the argument were extremely effective, painting a visual picture to lend to the argument that the text was making. The graphics made reading the text easier to get the message. The text itself was written in a way that was friendly to the reader. The author was writing like they were speaking directly to the audience instead of writing an argument about the topic. This argument also used sources that were very helpful to the argument. The most effective of which was a page from the personal journal of Columbus. Columbus described how he and his men treated the indigenous people, which was particularly cruel and downright terrible.

One of the other arguments the class looked at was also very strong, and had factual information that contributed to the argument. But, because this particular argument had limited graphics or images, and was in simple black and white text, came off as a little dry. The author may have reached even more people if they had made the argument more aesthetically pleasing. It is a little sad but true to say that more people are likely to read’s argument simply because it looks nicer than the standard text argument.

Another argument the class viewed was the Indigenous people’s video. This was a very compelling argument using real people to tell of the atrocities that were committed by Columbus and his men. Getting the opinion and feedback of real people strengthens the credibility of the argument. My only quandary with the video was that it did not immediately hook me into believing or watching the rest of the video. If I came across this video on my own, I most likely would not have watched the entire thing.


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