Blog 4

I will be presenting over the website called Go Animate. Go Animate is an animation video creator and editor. There are many different tools and nuances of Go Animate. I have concluded that I will narrow my focus for this presentation on the free and meaningful parts of Go Animate to the class. I plan to use a power point to present my technology presentation. My intention is to use the step by step guidelines suggested by the website to give the class a preview of exactly what I used it for and the simplest means that they can use it for. I will have each simple step as a heading on a specific slide, followed by a picture of my computer screen. I feel that the power point will give a strong impression as to how to get started with Go Animate and it will give context to the animation video that I am going to create as an example.

The example animation clip will be brief but demonstrate all of the different steps I will show in my power point. I will also try to use the animation video to convince the class that this is a tool that can be utilized in class, but also in free time. I have found that through this website, creating an animation video can be fun even for a novice like me. I have little to no experience creating an animation video and I will have to experiment and examine all of the features of the website before I decide exactly what to include in this presentation. I also plan to come up with a script of notes that I will refer to during the presentation if I need assistance in where I need to go next during the presentation.


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