Blog 3

I choose to relay the message that I had the privilege of meeting Henry Winkler and hearing him speak. This was a very astounding moment in my life, so I chose to share it with my friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This meeting happened before I knew about this blog assignment and I still posted it on three different social media sites, which I extremely rare for me. I almost never use twitter anymore and I had to go back and reexamine how I was going to portray the picture and add a caption.

On twitter, I posted the picture of myself with Henry Winkler, and a small caption. I gave little insight to how I got to meet him and where we are or what was happening. In my experience, I essentially use twitter’s post feature rarely, and when I do, I prefer to make it short and sweet, but get the point around. I did not even actually say Henry Winkler’s name in the post, I simply referred to him as “The Fonz,” which was his famous character from the show Happy Days.

When I posted the same image on Instagram, I gave significantly more information, although I understated the conditions for the meeting. The caption on Instagram read that I was casually walking through the college of education building and came across Mr. Winkler. In actuality, he was giving a speech on behalf of the students at Indiana State University. But, he also came to meet privately with a small group of students involved in the Special Education and Psychology programs to discuss dyslexia. I could have alluded to this fact, but I felt it would catch more people’s attention to say that I found him instead of having a special meeting set up with him.

Finally on Facebook, I used a similar tactic that I did on Instagram. I down played that I had the opportunity to meet with Henry Winkler and instead I made it appear that it was a kind of happy go lucky coincidence. I believe that this, coupled with the fact that I have double the amount of friends on Facebook as I do on Instagram and twitter combined is the reason I received far more intrigue from the Facebook post than either of the others.


Fig. 1 Photo of me with Henry Winkler on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


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