Blog 2

In class today, we looked at several different mediums to compose through. Some I have had a substantial amount with, and some I had never used before in my life. More importantly, I found that my writing process for each of the mediums was almost completely different. Subconsciously, I have created lists of ways that I go about using these mediums effectively for me. While some of the strategies that my brain uses with these mediums are similar, some are completely opposing.

I first started at the smart phone table. I quickly began swiping away, because my smart phone has the feature of allowing the user to drag a finger from one letter to the next and creating the next word. This is something that took me a long time to adjust to, coming from the flip phone world where each button had to be pressed in order to form words. When creating text on my phone, I typically type immediately what comes to mind first. I feverishly drag my finger from letter to letter, letting the phone fill in certain words and check for errors. Once I have finished the text on the smart phone, I re-read the entire text, from beginning to end two to three times. This is to check for any spelling or grammar errors.

In the laptop section, I used a different technique than I did for the other forms of medium. I began with the lap top by first creating a list of things I do when beginning to compose with the laptop. I first must clear of my entire desk. Then I turn off the lights and turn on some kind of music, usually I listen to Pandora, internet radio. I try to enter a working state of mind and kind of pump myself up. Once this is already to go, I begin typing separate sentences and hit enter between them. Each sentence is a possible topic that I would cover in my current writing process.

My writing process when I am using pen and lined paper or blank paper and pencil is about the same. I always start by clearing the edge of the paper, because I typically rip lined paper out of my notebook. The rough edge generally irritates me, so I must discard it before I begin. I also try to get in a nearly quiet or silent place to write. I always start in the top left corner with my main idea, and then sometimes I branch out in different locations of the page as I write. I often doodle when I have a writing instrument and paper and usually the subject of these doodles are geometric shapes.

Finally, using the typewriter was a foreign and unwelcome adversary in this assignment. The writing process I went through with the typewriter was far different than all of the others. I started by attempting to type a few random words, just to experiment. Then I got on a roll of typing words continuously until I looked up and found that I had hit the edge of the paper and the words were now hitting on top of each other. I found my writing process with the typewriter was much slower and I had to take my time and make sure everything was in order after every word.


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